Sketches 2014
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Sketches 2014

These couple of sketches showcase my dedication to honing my drawing skills during my time at Campus de la Fonderie de l'image in Paris 🇫🇷.

As part of my daily routine, I kept a drawing book that I updated regularly, ensuring my skills remained sharp and recognized by my teachers.

I utilized a range of tools, including ballpoint pens and charcoal pencils, to bring these sketches to life.

Sketching is an essential part of my creative process, as it allows me to explore and refine ideas before diving into a graphic project.

By sketching, I can visualize and develop accurate concepts, ensuring that my final designs align with my vision and client's expectations.

This practice has become ingrained in my workflow and has been instrumental in my journey towards achieving a Graphic Designer qualification.

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Sketch / Freestyle

Year :

2012 - 2014

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Drawing / Illustration
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